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Post by hawkiye on Wed 27 May 2009, 1:47 pm

I have 4 four day certificates (two people
can use one certificate for a 2 day course also) that I got for myself
and family members and now they can't go. Also I am out of work and
can't afford the expenses to go myself now. They are for your first
time at Front Sight only. Two people can use one certificate for any of
the two day courses if enrolling in the same course, so you can go for
as little as $150. And the background check is included. They are $300
a piece for each certificate, they are transferable. They never expire
and you can take any of the courses listed:

Four Day defensive handgun
Four day tactical shotgun
Four day practical rifle
Four day Uzi submachine gun
Four day select fire M16

Two day defensive handgun
Two day Tactical shotgun
Two day practical rifle
Two day Uzi submachine gun
Two day select fire M16

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