Stinging Nettles - Comparable to Hemp In Fiber, Potent Medicine & Food

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Stinging Nettles - Comparable to Hemp In Fiber, Potent Medicine & Food Empty Stinging Nettles - Comparable to Hemp In Fiber, Potent Medicine & Food

Post by hawkiye on Tue 02 Mar 2010, 1:26 pm

Stinging Nettles are comparable to Hemp in fiber, potent medicine
& nutritionally amazing! And they grow wild all over the country
and you won't get raided by the corporate government goons for growing
or harvesting them.

While I think Hemp is great the reality is it is too risky to grow
and process in the USA. So lets circumvent these corporate fascist
goons and start using nettles!

Some excerpts below found at:
<blockquote>"Nettle fiber is similar to that of Hemp or Flax. It
was used into the seventeenth century for making cloth, from fine
textured fabrics to coarse sailcloth and sacking. Europeans and Native
Americans used the nettle fiber to make ropes an fishing nets. During
World War I, the German Empire, plagued by textile shortages, used
nettles as a substitute for cotton. Captured German uniforms were found
to be 85% nettle fiber."

"For over two centuries, nettles have been used for medicinal
purposes. They have beneficial influence on various body systems,
including the lungs, kidneys, skin, and blood. The herb has been
recognized for its ability to stop bleeding, relieve mucous congestion
and water retention, and improve skin irritations. It is considered to
be an excellent blood purifier."

"Nettle tea has been used to help increase the milk flow of nursing
mothers. As a gargle, it is useful for mouth and throat infections.
Applied externally, the tea is said to help relieve acne and eczema."

"Dried nettles have also been widely used for farm animals. Added to
chicken feed, they will increase egg production. Used as fodder for
cows, they will increase milk production. Whether for feathers or fur,
nettles produce a healthier, glossier coat."

"Nettles are rich in iron, silicon, and potassium. They are very
high in vitamins A and C. When dried, nettles are 40% protein. The
dried plant makes a nutritious addition to soups, stews, or casseroles".</blockquote>

More links:

I am going to experiment with using nettles for fiber cement like Hemp crete.

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