10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago

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10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago Empty 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago

Post by hawkiye on Mon 23 Nov 2009, 4:20 am

Things are very volatile right now folks if you are not preparing you should get started right now. if you're an
old hand at it I bet you'll still learn a few things from this list! Go to her websites too it is a wealth of information on how to getprepared cheap but well.

10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago


By Kellene Bishop

I hate having to learn dumb lessons. Donít you? As Iíve looked back and realized all the simple tricks and strategies Iíve learned over the last 10 years, I cringe at the thought of all of the money, time, anxiety, and energy Iíve wasted. So I decided to share them with you. Youíre sure to learn something in this list! I hope youíll learn from my mistakes NOW!

1. Yeast will last indefinitely if stored in your freezer! Outside the freezer it only lasts a year, but inside that freezing climate it lasts over 5 yearsóso far. When I use it in my bread, I just use it directly from the freezer into my bread dough with no problem. I cringe at the though of all of the yeast Iíve wasted over several years.

2. I can obtain food storage for FREE or better, and certainly inexpensively, if I just use coupons and an organized system! Now thatís really something to cringe about! I acquired a great deal of my food storage over the years from Costco, but now that I can get name brands for free or dirt cheap elsewhere, I figure I canít afford to shop at Costco, thanks to coupons! It really IS worth using coupons. I canít believe I was so pious to think that coupons were ďbeneath me.Ē

3. Cooking with a pressure cooker is a sanity saver. They are fast, nutritious, fuel friendly and SO easy to use! I wish I hadnít been afraid of them way back when. Iím so grateful that a patient teacher showed me their merits!

4. Yes, you can CAN MEATS! And itís the easiest thing in the world to can. Simply stuff the RAW meat into a mason jar with a bit of salt, put the clean lids on it, put the jars in your pressure canner for the recommended period of time, and VOILA! You have BETTER THAN CANNED meat. (The canned stuff you buy has been processed twice.) This meat
will be SO tender, so juicy, and will save you a BUNDLE over the canned stuff! (Letís see. Tastes better. 25% cheaper. Easy to do. Dang! I wish I could relive the last 10 years!)

5. Cheese wax is a God-send! I can have all of the REAL cheese I want if I simply use cheese wax to preserve it! The cheese will keep for 25 years using this method. Now Iíve got Swiss, Monterey Jack, Colby, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda, Blue Cheese, and even a delicious smoked cheese literally sitting pretty in my food storage! If I had
known about cheese wax 10 years ago, I would have made much better use of the cheese sales over the years and never tried that nasty processed stuff.

6. Preserving eggs that I buy from the store is a snap! After I wrote a lengthy article on egg preservation, I discovered that a quarter cup of warmed mineral oil, coated on my eggs that I buy from the grocery store works great. I then can store them pointed side down in a Styrofoam carton, in a cool, dry place. I donít have to get the eggs FRESH from a farm. And I donít have to stack them carefully in anything. Howís that for easy?! I have WHOLE, REAL eggs for up to 9 months! Forget the bran flakes, the paraffin wax, the salt storage. Just some mineral oil is PERFECT. WOW!

7. I never have to live without yummy chocolate again! I can buy all of the candy bars, Hershey kisses, chocolate chips, peanut M&Ms, Dove chocolates, Lindt chocolates, stuff them in a Mason jar, and with my trusty Food Saver jar attachment, seal their goodness for YEARS! (I like getting them on sale after a holiday) This also works for ANYTHING
that doesnít require refrigeration. When I open the jar years later, they still taste as fresh and yummy as they would have on the day I bought it!

8. ONLY store what you eat. If I donít eat it, I wonít eat it, and thus itís a waste of money. If you canít eat wheat, DONíT store it. If you canít stand the taste of powdered milk, store canned milk or soy milk instead. Fortunately Iíve learned to prepare all my oddball foods that werenít previously in my regular diet, but it sure would have saved me
some headaches if I had done things differently. If I store what I eat, the rotation is a cinch!

9. You can have meals already made, cooked, and stored in a Mason jar! You can bake bread, cake, cookies, casseroles, pudding, and more, in a Mason jar, seal it, and they will last for SEVERAL years! That way you donít have to figure out how to cook up something every day while youíre enduring a crisis. Do it in comfort now, so you can live in
comfort even in the worst of disasters!

10. Solar ovens are the bombĖnot just in an emergency, but every single day the sun shines! I LOVE cooking in mine. I havenít found anything that I canít cook in it that doesnít turn out wonderful! Iíve essentially tripled the life of the fuel that I have stored, since I wonít need to use any of it on cooking anymore except on cloudy or rainy days! Not having to worry or pay for a years supply of fuels such as propane, kerosene, fire wood or isopropyl alcohol, makes the price I would pay for a solar oven well worthwhile. SoÖ like any woman, I bought two!

Iíll be writing more about each of these items later, if I havenít done so already. The point is food storage can be GLORIOUSLY DELICIOUS. You donít have to do without and it doesnít have to be expensive and boring either. One dollar a day, per person, will provide you with absolutely comforting and delightful meals regardless of your challenging
circumstances. Enjoy!

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10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago Empty Re: 10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Food Storage 10 Years Ago

Post by Mama on Wed 06 Jan 2010, 1:44 pm

Cheese wax is a wonderful idea. My family of cheese hounds would be delighted with a reliable supply of cheese. I do keep cheese powder on hand, but it is high in salt and cannot be used for everything.
Regarding canning meats--make sure you use an approved recipe from your county extension office. I'm a long time Master Food Preserver, and those offices are used to dealing with survivalists and preparedness folks like us. Canned meats are economical, especially if you hunt, and are super delicious. You can also get safe recipes for soups, chilis, stew mixes and baked beans. I'm currently trying to reduce my dependence on my freezer, since everything would be off and all the food would be lost in a EMP type situation.
Thank you again for another great article.


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